Welcome to the sign up sheet. Atm the most we think the layout will be a showcase of pre-recorded artwork... probably 9.

First Huddle on Sunday = 03.04.22.

The showcase will be available to the public for one week in the virtual journal, until the next Huddle on Sunday (at which point the showcase will be archived on the traditional HAJ website / youtube).

Might aim for a Speakeasy zooming in feel, so if you're up for an experimental stream, please sign up here and provide details (i.e. planning to read a poem, short story, perform a song, something else entirely).

Planning to keep each performance to 5mins max.

If ya have any questions (or suggestions) please e-mail

All performers will receive a special Hybrid Art Journal Performer POAP.
Attendees will be able to request a Huddle Attendee POAP during the showcase.

[as per usual... subject to tweaks... we said tweaks, not twerks... geeeeez :P)]
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cuz copyright infringement aint cool, innit.